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Strategic SEO Insights from brightonSEO 2023: A Guide for CEOs and DirectorsThe world’s biggest search conference!

4 September, 2023


As we approach BrightonSEO 2023, the SEO community is abuzz with anticipation. But what does this conference mean for CEOs and directors of medium-sized UK businesses? Especially for those who have transitioned from the corporate world and recognise the value of marketing but are unsure where to begin. This blog post aims to bridge that gap. We’ll explore key topics from BrightonSEO 2023 that have strategic implications for your business, even if you’re not attending the event.

Why BrightonSEO is a Must-Understand Event for Decision-Makers

SEO is not a standalone activity; it’s a critical component of your overarching business strategy. BrightonSEO serves as a lens through which we can view the current state and future trends of SEO, offering insights that are directly applicable to business objectives.

Key Topics and Speakers: A Strategic Overview

AI in Content Strategy: Ryan Broderick, Yvie Ansari, Jack Roberts

Artificial Intelligence is revolutionising content strategy by automating and optimising content creation. For decision-makers, understanding how AI can be strategically deployed is crucial for staying competitive.

Technical SEO: Thiago Pojda, Aliya Mirzakhmet, Ruth Everett

Technical SEO is not just an operational concern; it’s a strategic imperative. Topics like site speed, mobile optimisation, and user experience have a direct impact on customer acquisition and retention.

EAT (Expertise, Authority, Trustworthiness): Kelly Johnstone, Kathy Wong

In sectors like finance and healthcare, where consumer trust is non-negotiable, the concept of EAT becomes a strategic cornerstone. It’s not just about meeting Google’s criteria; it’s about building a brand that consumers trust.

Strategic Insights for Non-Attendees

If you’re not attending the conference, you can still leverage its insights for your strategic planning. Here’s how:

Thought Leadership Content

Consider publishing articles or whitepapers that delve into some of the key topics covered at brightonSEO. This not only positions your brand as a thought leader but also educates your stakeholders.

Virtual Roundtables

Host virtual roundtables or webinars where you discuss the implications of these SEO trends on your industry. Invite other experts to offer a well-rounded view.

Consultative Approach

Use the insights from the conference as a springboard for internal strategy sessions. Whether it’s revisiting your content strategy in light of AI advancements or evaluating your website’s technical health, these discussions can guide your future marketing investments.


BrightonSEO 2023 is more than just an SEO conference; it’s a strategic resource for business leaders. By understanding its key topics and their implications, CEOs and directors can make informed decisions that align with broader business objectives.

I invite you to share your thoughts on how these SEO trends could impact your strategic planning. Let’s foster a dialogue that empowers us to make data-driven decisions in this ever-evolving digital landscape.

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