Web 2.0 Design Trends For 2011

“Web designing is like art- it evolves”.

The design is considered the face of the people/brand behind the website. Years back, it was only done to give style to the site. New technology however made designing an integral part of the interface that synchronises it with the tabs and/or links.

The changes that will be made are going to affect the designs that would come out in the future as well so the languages and the web browsers will have to adopt to these changes. With the emergence of Apple most of the web designers turned their backs from animations with the use of flash and instead they turned to JavaScript which is known as faster as compared to flash that will take time to load for those with slow connections. Because of designing with the use of JavaScript, new options have opened. The year 2011 marks a lot of improvement in web design and here are trends you could use for your own site this year.

  • Adopting CSS3 and HTML5 which are capable of rendering animation inside the boundary of designing ethics but taking new definitions such as advanced typography, 360 degree resolution and built-in transitions. These features are gaining popularity especially at the onset of 2011.
  • Employing shady and glossy outlook will remain. Big texts are more acceptable on the home page if it is matched with the right colors. Web developers refrain from using flash in the opening page because it keeps the user waiting until the page loads. Welcome pages should opt for simplicity and HTML5 takes care of such a job.
  • Magazine-like or retro designs have outpaced the columnar approach. Since most are using LCD, LED and TFT monitors, the use of a single-page design where users can scroll until they find what they are looking for will be more popular. The mat finish of typography associated with print style design are going to be useful as well.
  • Space is important for 2011 web designs. Blank spaces will be eliminated but instead of full text, links and advertorial boxes will be of better use.

2011 marks changes in web design. It is important to keep your website on track by hiring the best web developer in World Wide Web’s big town.