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Santa goes digital! 6 new Christmas present delivery secrets revealed

17 December, 2014

Santa sleigh reindeer christmas

With a week to go before the busiest day of the year for Santa, we’re looking at the digital services improvements he has made to move into the digital age.

Christmas logistics are a tricky business. How do the elves know what presents to send where? How does Santa check who has been naughty and nice? With so many deliveries to do, it’s lucky that online technology now makes the whole process much easier – after all, magic will only get you so far.

(1) Christmas letters to Santa

Many children still prefer to send their letter to Santa in the post, and luckily Royal Mail has this covered. The Christmas letters to Santa page on their website gives all the details on how to contact Santa in the North Pole. But there are now a number of other ways that children can write to Santa instead. Children can now email Santa with their Christmas wish list. Or for those without an email address, the online form on gives a suitable alternative.


(2) Making a list, checking social media twice

Santa has clearly had some Facebook training and Twitter training recently, as he’s really ramped up his social media presence. Maintaining both his @OfficialSanta and @NorthPolePost Twitter accounts as well as his Father Christmas Facebook page must be taking up quite a lot of his time. We suspect that he has some elves helping him out with his social media management and social media campaigns.

From emails to Facebook messages and even tweets, Santa is getting requests thick and fast with 100s of letters a day. But how does he know who has been naughty and nice? Well, Santa sees everything – and this has never been truer than in the age of social media! Let’s hope mum and dad have been keeping an eye on their online reputation management!


Thankfully, we hear that most children will have been good this year, so next let’s take a look at how the elves are getting on.

(3) Quality customer reviews for great gifts

The North Pole elves work hard all year round to ensure that their stock orders are fulfilled. Luckily online communication channels mean that elves can now predict the most popular toys and ensure that their stockists are informed well ahead of Christmas. They do this by first following online trends and #hashtags to see what people are saying about the toys. Online review sites and forums like ToyTalk, Rainbow Awards, Toyology and Mumsnet are all very helpful.

It’s important that all toy manufacturers and retailers keep an eye on their customer reviews. The elves can then be certain they stock their shelves with best quality toys from the most reliable sources.

(4) Digital elf logistics

The next step is to match all the children’s requests to the right toys. Thanks to upgraded digital technology in Santa’s grotto, the elves are now more efficient than ever this year. Out went the long paper lists and in came the new tablets (elf-sized iPad minis, of course!). This means the elves can instantly log in to Santa’s database and check off their orders digitally as they come in. Santa’s new warehousing technology enables the elves to find the shelf locations for each gift, and send special elf pickers out to get them in record time. Each child’s presents can then be scanned in, and tagged to go to the right location using Google maps technology.

Google Map Marketing

(5) Online Reindeer Bookings

Once the presents are picked, they then move on to the delivery room. But which reindeers are involved in the despatch? We all know that Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donner, Blitzen and Rudolph are Santa’s favourites. But there are many other reindeers at the North pole, and with so many journeys to do on Christmas eve, it’s important that Santa picks the right ones. To help him with this, Mrs Claus has begun work on putting together an online reindeer matching and booking service. The new system will operate much like What started out as a brilliant online advertising and social media campaign for has inspired a whole new system for helping Santa deliver toys!

Compare the meerkat

(6) Track & Trace: Santa style!

Suited and booted, presents in his sack and android tablet firmly affixed to the dash to ensure no child is missed out (a small piece of kit of with a large memory goes a long way – no more cold hands for Santa as he tries to look down his list), Santa will board his sleigh and crack the reins to get going. Santa knows the magic of Christmas Eve is the wonder of how he will get to all of those homes and down all those chimneys in time for Christmas morning, but that’s a secret he’ll be keeping to himself. He has, however, allowed a nifty piece of Google map marketing available to everyone worldwide to track his progress so if you, or your little ones would like to follow his sleigh this Christmas Eve make sure you get over to Google’s Santa Tracker to check how near to you Santa really is! Even if you can’t stay awake he’s sure to have a nibble at a mince pie and a glass of milk if you leave them out, although he’ll be counting his calories with an android app, Mrs Claus will make sure of that!

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