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My 7 digital marketing predictions and New Year resolutions for 2015

31 December, 2014

2015 new year

What an incredible year 2014 has been! This year saw the Tour de France commence with the Grand Depart in Yorkshire; digital innovation at the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games; another great Buy Yorkshire conference for Yorkshire Mafia, with Janet Street Porter and John Torode among the brilliant keynotes; and an inspiring talk by Gary Verity, head of Welcome to Yorkshire, at the recent Connect Gazelles event.

I’ve met and worked with some great people and been a social media speaker at some brilliant events in 2014, including Leeds Business Week, MODA 2014 and the Public Relations Consultants Association (PRCA) 2014 Digital Report launch.

So what have I learned about digital marketing and doing business in 2014? And what will I be taking forward with me and doing differently in 2015? Here are some of my thoughts on digital marketing and doing business this coming year – and my 2015 new year resolutions.

(1) Deliver and be trustworthy

The general principles of business haven’t really changed over the years. It’s always been, and will continue to be, about good results, good relationships and good customer service. People want to work with people they like, trust and who can deliver results. In 2015, I will be dedicating time to analysing and streamlining all my business operations and services, to ensure I can continue to deliver innovative and cost effective solutions for my clients.

(2) Early adopters get the most out of digital

The digital world moves so fast, yet it can still take a while to build an active online community. The businesses that succeed with online marketing campaigns continue to be the early adopters: the ones who take time to stay in touch and get the most out of new technologies. The sooner you start building an online community, the quicker you will reap results from it.

(3) Digital PR and blogger outreach to become even more important

As always, I will be focusing on making my SEO, social media and web development service offer as good as it can be in 2015. One of the ways I will be doing this is by developing the digital PR and blogger outreach element to our SEO campaigns. After all, good PR brings good SEO.

courtesy of

courtesy of

(4) Twitter and Facebook advertising on the rise

If I was to try and predict some social media trends for 2015, I’d have to say I think paid advertising for Facebook and Twitter are going to be a big thing to watch. Facebook has recently been tweaking its algorithms so the percentage of organic content that followers see is decreasing rapidly, as paid-for content is given precedence. Twitter is about to introduce similar benefits for advertisers. Watch out for both of these, or you may see your content reach drop off a cliff edge. I will be keeping on top of these developments so I can offer the best advice on paid social advertising to my clients.

(5) The importance of storytelling

In 2015, I will continue to advise clients on the importance of clear communications that tell your brand story in an effective way that grabs attention and engages audiences. This means developing a robust internal and external communications strategy, clear branding guidleines and content strategy and delivering good customer service.

(6) Increase website responsiveness

Smartphone use continues to rise and customers demand online services and increasingly engaging content. In 2015 it will become more important than ever to update and mobile-optimise old websites, increase website responsiveness and deliver consistently brilliant digital marketing campaigns. I aim to do some more work on my own website, as well as helping clients with theirs.

(7) Post more video content

Research by Cisco predicts that by 2017, video will account for 69% of all consumer internet traffic. If you’re not creating and sharing regular video content, you’ll get left behind. I’ve already increased my video content output and I’m now posting regular video blogs on my YouTube channel. Look out for more of the same in 2015 in the form of my weekly bite-size video blogs on YouTube, as well as customer testimonials and web/service videos on my website.


So there are my 7 digital marketing predictions and new year resolutions for 2015. On a personal note, I also plan to run more frequently, eat healthier food, and spend more quality time with my family. I’ll let you know how I get on with these!


What do you think to my predictions? Do you agree or disagree? What new year resolutions are you making this year?


Do share your thoughts in the comments box below or tweet me @jrconsultancy


Wishing you all a happy and prosperous new year!

Best wishes,


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