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MODA 2015: Blogging and the power of pictures

25 February, 2015

MODA Feb15 underwear model

The MODA UK conference in Birmingham NEC invited me to attend as a social media speaker to talk about ‘Blogging and the power of pictures’. MODA is a leading UK independent fashion trade conference.

In the morning, I chaired a panel discussion on marketing and PR for retailers, and in the afternoon I led a talk about how now social media platforms like Instagram and Pinterest are being used effectively by retailers as a communications tool and new method of engaging customers and selling clothes.

MODA Feb15 catwalk lingerie

My talk, Blogging for retailers: the power of pictures, looked at how how retailers are using platforms like Instagram and Pinterest to boost website traffic and increase sales.

Jonny speaking at MODA 1

Photo courtesy of @dressmylegs

I am often asked about Instagram – it is generating a lot of interest at the moment and there is great potential for it to be used as a marketing communications channel and brand identity builder. I wrote recently about how to use Instagram to its best advantage, including a list of photo enhancing tools and 10 tips for successful Instagram marketing. Click on the link below to read my post:

My talk at MODA built on some of these principles and looked at how retailers are using the platform, as well as some successful recent campaigns. You can view the slides from my talk below:


Jonny speaking at MODA 2

Photo courtesy of @edenrose

As with all social media platforms, Instagram and Pinterest should be seen as an integrated part of your overall communications strategy.

Your blog (preferably embedded into your website) should be at the core of everything you do, with your social media platforms driving traffic towards it. Think of your website as your shop front, your blog as the engine, and your social spaces as the people out on the street handing out flyers for your shop and talking to potential customers about why they should visit.

Generating traffic through social media is very powerful. It has a big positive impact on your search engine optimisation (search engines are increasingly ranking content shared through social media more highly, giving stronger weight to it as in indicator of good content).

One of the questions I get asked all the time (and which came up at my MODA talk) is “should a blog be part of your website?” – the answer is yes! Absolutely! Your blog should be the main place on which you host your valuable content, be it written blog posts, photos and videos. Instagram and Pinterest are appetisers, engaging people in other places and driving them to visit your blog, and ultimately your website.

The more engaged they are, the more likely you are to convert them into customers.

Watch the video below to find out more. View it on YouTube here.

Use tools like Instagram and Pinterest to show strong imagery about your products and other content that your customers will be interested in. Then on your blog, offer opinion, comment on current hot topics, help out with useful advice, and solve common problems.

You can follow the conversation at @ModaExhibitions and by using the hashtags: #HeartOfFashion #ModaExhibitions

I’d love to hear example of how companies like yours are using pictures effectively to showcase their products. Maybe you coud be the case study for my next talk?

Please do share your comments and stories in the box below.

Are you using Pinterest and Instagram to promote your brand? Do you have a business Instagram or Pinterest success story? I’d love to hear from you.

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    1. […] MODA 2015: blogging and the power of pictures […]

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