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Increase your website conversion rates!

18 May, 2011

I am sure you have tried many ways to bring more leads to your business, using traditional advertising, networking, word of mouth etc. But something you really must focus on is how to increase you website conversion rates.

Now that you have your website running, you know that you have informative content, good products and a fantastic design that will draw on a number of audiences. But you need to think about how you will go about increasing your conversion rates.

Getting an audience or traffic to your website is really not enough; when the traffic arrives you want sales, leads, interaction and engagement. So what do conversion rates mean? They basically mean the percentage of users that convert into a sale or a lead. Making sure that those clients that come to your website want precisely what you are offering and either buy or contact you for more information.

There are a number of ways you can increase conversions, one of the most obvious is to make sure that you are selling products / services that customers visiting your website want. So, do not sell fur coats to individuals who are against it. However if you have amazing talents of selling anything to anybody, then feel free to try but always be cautious!

An important point is that getting your website to convert does not necessarily mean getting your visitors to like what you’re offering immediately or even make a purchase. It may be an excellent scenario, but you must note that conversions also mean gaining leads. For example increasing your subscriber base, or getting visitors to interact with you. Knowing your web marketing strategy will make a big difference.

It’s a fact that right now conversions are more significant than that of search engine optimisation. You know why? The more interaction users have with your site, the more purchases made, the more leads generated the higher you will get in the search engines, and this will bring you more traffic! Don’t get me wrong search engine optimisation is extremely important; however the craze of seeing increased users visiting your website soon fades away when you see that sales and leads are not increasing. What I am trying to show you is that something called conversion optimisation is just as necessary as search engine optimisation.

Generally the more specific a search is; it’s one step closer to the buying stage. But if the search is specific and the very moment they’ve found what they want exactly on your website but they lose trust with your site, or can’t find an easy way to make a purchase or contact you. You have lost them!

Conversion Optimisation is going to be covered in one of my next blogs but in summary it focuses on the following strategies:-

  • Analysis
  • User research
  • Improve you website usability
  • Improve your sales content/copy
  • Tweak your buy / call to action process
  • Test different versions
  • Improve your website design

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