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High quality web design in Leeds

11 July, 2011

Web Design in LeedsWebsites have become the primary communication medium for companies in Leeds and a high quality website would give good number of customers.

A website needs to be designed keeping various factors like design, technologies involved, usability, content, graphics and SEO. Designing a website starts with sketching the layout of the website and the site map. The home page should be given high importance due to the fact that it is the face of any website that gets visited first by the user, who then decides to proceed to the rest of the pages from the impression that gets generated from the homepage.

Various design tools like HTML, AJAX, Word press etc are used and flash is used to do animations in the website. The website should be designed in such a format that the user should be able to navigate through different pages and content smoothly without any difficulties. The theme of the website should gel with that of the nature of the business or the subject the website intends to explore. Great emphasis should be given to the menu bars and sub menus. All the buttons and menus should be placed at appropriate places with required links taking the users to the desired webpage. Any dead links should be removed immediately.

Leeds businesses are scrambling to work with professional web designers like Jonny Ross due to the fact that only experienced designers would be able to design the website with maximum accuracy. Creativity is another important tool aspect of web designing. Every web page should be designed according to the accepted principles of Search engine optimisation to give the website maximum rank in search engines like Google. Web designers should take into account various important aspects like user navigation, user psychology, look and feel preferences etc. Colours, menu types, headers and footers are to be designed carefully as this would give the site the perfect look.

Preferences and tastes of Leeds local population should be reflected in the design by including various aspects of the local culture to give the website a more personalised approach whenever a local resident is visiting the website.  Businesses in Leeds have at last realised that a strategic web presence would be possible only if the website is designed professionally and a mere web presence would do no favour.  Hence many of them have sought the expertise of Jonny Ross to design, develop and maintain their web sites strategically.

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