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5 brands that are brilliant on Instagram

4 March, 2015

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We can learn a lot from what the big brands do on Instagram, but the business social media marketing success stories aren’t just for the big guns. Since brands started using Instagram as a way of advertising their goods and services, we’ve seen more and more creative content on the photo based social media platform. Visual marketing is here to stay; with reports of higher engagement with photo posts across platforms such as Facebook and Twitter it’s no surprise that brands have migrated to Instagram to boost brand awareness with creative content and a clever business social media strategy.

Here are my top five picks for some of the best brand marketing on Instagram: why not take inspiration from their posts and set up your own account?

Fred Perry

A subculture favourite with sleek styling, Fred Perry is a great example of British brand making it big on Instagram. Their followers may not be in the millions but their clever #wearetipped campaign, where customers send in their photos to be featured on their website, is a great way of driving traffic to their Instagram profile and connecting with their loyal customer base. With only 640 posts they’re not as regular as other brands, but each post they make gets an average of 2,000 likes.

Fred Perry Instagram

Lucky Dip Club

Lucky Dip Club is marketed as ‘happiness in a box’. It’s a monthly subscription to kitsch paper, stationary and personalised jewellery items. While still in its infancy (the company sent their first boxes out in May 2014) Lucky Dip Club understands the importance of a strong visual identity, which shines through in their posts on Instagram. Each month they run a competition for subscribers to tag their photos with that month’s theme and they may win a prize, perfect for spreading the word about their business and bringing in new custom. It’s far from a corporate social media strategy but can compete just as easily.

Lucky Dip Club Instagram

Red Bull

It’s no surprise that Red Bull does so well on Instagram. Their high octane antics are a pull to anyone surfing through the sites photos, leading to effective internet marketing. Their account is light on product shots but heavy on sponsored events, logos emblazoned behind bikers, snowboarders and more all showing what they do best. All are sponsored by Red Bull; living in the moment and capturing the moment.

Red Bull Instagram


Sharpie use their products to create great shots, whether it’s a photo submitted by their fans or one drawn by their interns and staff; showcasing their products in this creative way shows that the quality and possibilities of what you can do with a sharpie are endless.

Sharpie Instagram

National Geographic

This account has the biggest following of my selection and it’s no big surprise. Photographs direct from National Geographic’s world class photographers. They’re not only stunning shots, they’re behind the scenes from the photo spreads you’ll find in their magazine and online. While not all businesses out there may be able to travel the world, there are other tips you can pick up from their Instagram account, especially the importance of hash tagging, linking to products (in their case assignments,  TV channel and magazine) and giving their followers a view of what they have coming up in future months.

National Geographic Instagram

Which brands do you think are creating a great visual identity on Instagram? What do you like about their content?

How is your business using Instagram to build brand awareness and extend your customer base?

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