We are your Web Host Expert

There are many web hosting companies in the market today. Going through all of them, one could figure that all are claiming to be the best and the most effective but at jrc.agency we are not going to talk about claims and not standing to these promises. Finding the best in a pool of promises could be tedious but there are always ways to move without being blinded by false promises.

There are even free web and email hosting sites available but you have to be reminded that these “free” sites do not necessarily come without sugar coatings. While they could host your site for free, they will bombard your site with advertisements to cover for hosting you. In the end, your website will look unprofessional and unattractive and it could discourage clients from transacting with you.

Most of free web and email hosting packages are limited. It could limit the site from catering to graphics and flash images. Space limit will also become a problem and this could irritate you for hindering your plans of putting on an extensive website.

Another downside to this is that the free web hosting plans may not be able to supply you with the email account with your domain name. There are some that would have this feature but that would be very limited.  How do you pick the web and email hosting provider for your site then? Here are some tips:

  • The business site must have a good hosting provider with a breakdown of the different packages. The packages will help explain the bandwidth, email addresses limit and many other specifics of hosting for an equivalent amount.
  • Call Support through telephone or email is important. The really good hosts will offer training to assist site owners on how to manage their site.
  • A portfolio of sites will also be helpful in identifying the web and email host to get for your site. You can use it to get to know more of the host and what it could do for your site.


Web and email hosting are integral parts of your e-business site so choosing which one to hire is as crucial as putting the site in itself. Jonny Ross offers these services and promises to take care of your woes for a more blissful website management!