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Digital Transformation in Marketing and Sales: Part 2

July 13, 2021 @ 9:00 am - 1:30 pm

Digital Transformation in Sales and Marketing

2 Day Course

5 hours per day including 2 x 15 minute breaks.

Course includes lots of real examples.

Major Benefits of Attending:

  • LEVERAGE advanced digital tools and methods in the sales cycle and acquire more relevant leads
  • UNDERSTAND the importance of personalised, quality  content
  • DEVELOP a fully integrated selling strategy
  • ENHANCE your social presence to influence buyer decisions
  • APPLY social selling tools to increase online sales conversions
  • BUILD stronger customer engagement and shorten the sales cycle
  • UTILISE CRM and sales intelligence tools to boost customer loyalty and retention


Why you Should Attend?

This 2-day course will equip delegates with the practical skills and confidence to engage with customers and generate new business by exploiting free and easy to use social media channels and digital tools. Sales professionals who use Social Selling outperform salespeople who use old sales methods. Traditional sales and marketing methods such as cold calling and direct mail are losing effectiveness.


Who should attend?

This course is designed for Directors, CEOs, Head of Departments, and Managers of:

  • Marketing
  • E-Commerce
  • Customer Insight
  • Analytics & Modelling
  • Online Marketing/Strategist
  • Digital Strategy
  • Omni-Channel Retail
  • CRM

Workshop Overview

In the first decade of the 21st century, B2C companies learned that consumers had taken charge. They demanded less hype and more information. Tellingly, consumers started completing more than 70% of their shopping process before allowing a salesperson to even speak to them.


Today, the sales revolution that began with B2C is changing the way B2B buyers make decisions. After all, B2B buyers are consumers, too. And they are demanding more value and less hype in their B2B purchase relationships.


B2B sales teams now have a stark choice. Learn to reach the modern B2B buyer the way they want to be reached or stick with what you’ve been doing. It’s a choice as basic as success or stagnation.


A lead developed via social media is seven times more likely to close and while social media isn’t all about selling, social selling can work for your business with a strong strategy in place. This double half day course will show you how to develop that strategy and navigate the social media buying journey of a customer. Learn how to listen to conversations about your brand and product, engage customers through social media advertising and convert these into leads and sales. Most importantly, you’ll learn how to measure your ROI to make sure that social selling is working for you.


Our Social Selling course is aimed at individuals and companies who want to maximise their social media presence to generate leads and sell online through their social media channels.




  1. Business Objective & Goal Setting
    1. Understanding SMART objectives
    2. Setting Objectives
    3. Breaking down objectives into goals
    4. Considering an Objectives, Goals, Strategy & Measures template
    5. Exploring Growth Hacking
  2. Customer Journey
    1. Understand all the touchpoints your customers have
    2. Analysing Awareness
    3. Analysing Consideration
    4. Analysing Onboarding
    5. Analysing Post Purchase
    6. Exploring Customer Centric Marketing
  3. Personas & Target Audience
    1. Understanding how to consider company personas
    2. Who are your perfect future clients
    3. Defining People Personas
    4. Understanding your market
    5. Exploring client pain points and key issues your target market may have
    6. Exploring who clients report to and understand how their job is measured
    7. Exploring clients personal goals
  4. Marketing Channels
    1. Exploring all types of marketing from Paid to Organic
    2. Digital and Traditional Marketing
    3. Scarcity Marketing
    4. What is it you want from each platform
    5. Building Trust
    6. Considering Secondary Goals
  5. Content & SEO Strategy
    1. Onsite SEO
    2. Offsite SEO
    3. Keywords
    4. Links, reputation and reviews
    5. Discover various type of content
    6. Places to share content
    7. Editorial and content calendars
    8. How to create content for the customer to create engagement
  6. LinkedIn & Digital Transformation
    1. Create a professional LinkedIn profile to positon you as the expert
    2. What impact does LinkedIn have on SEO, Personal Branding and Selling
    3. Optimising the profile, headline and bio
    4. Building Connections
    5. Engaging Content
    6. Implementing your sales strategy on LinkedIn
    7. Creating a mindset for the digital age
    8. The impact of the digital revolution on business
    9. Why there is greater success through social selling compared to traditional ways
    10. Exploring digital apps and approached



July 13, 2021
9:00 am - 1:30 pm
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Digital Enterprise


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